Rubber Legs


With one week to go I’m getting in just a couple more training days before resting. For my final push I’m trying to exhaust myself to the point of having “rubber legs” multiple days in a row… You know that feeling when you’ve worked out so hard that your legs/body feel like jello? That’s rubber legs. I figure that is how I am going to feel on the mountain and I want it fresh in my mind what it feels like so that I know I can keep walking and can get up and do it again the next day.

So today I urban hiked 6.17 miles, alternating jogging, walking, and stairs. I ran about 2 -2.5 miles, which is pretty good considering I was wearing a 35 lb pack! I’m finally used to carrying that much weight. At one point I stopped to check that my pack hadn’t broken open and dumped my textbooks (my preferred training weights) because it felt so light to me! On top of that, no bruised hips or collarbone and my ankle and knee feel great! I hope that means I am ready! Rubber legs training continues tomorrow with a fast 5 miler then it’s rest time.

Almost there!!


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