Beyond the Pink

I mentioned in my previous post that I created a video to contribute to the Breast Cancer Fund’s Beyond the Pink campaign.  Although breast cancer awareness month is over, I encourage you to still check out the amazing stories they compiled and take the pledge to go beyond the pink yourself.

Don’t be fooled by all the pink-washing when you shop. The very can of soup that boasts pink ribbons may very well be lined with BPA , a toxic chemical associated with increased risk of breast cancer!  Not only are many of these campaigns misguided, but it’s time we shift our focus towards prevention instead of awareness. I have seen what a “cure” looks like and I have seen someone very well aware of breast cancer die from the disease. It is clear that something more is necessary to end this disease.

Beyond the Pink moves past consumer pink flag waving about awareness and towards action, advocacy, and prevention. The campaign encourages us all to become advocates for ourselves and others to work towards prevention and action to remove environmental causes of cancer present in our everyday products.

Check out this awesome campaign, submit your own story, and take the pledge here: Beyond the Pink

You can also check out my video below:


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