Summit of the day

My summit of the day: 50 laps up this staircase!

Today I went for another urban hike. With only 3 weeks to go I’m getting a little nervous! I took my pack at 30lb and set out to get in some elevation. 6.57 miles later and 50 laps up the staircase in the photo above and I called it quits for the day. I feel much less fatigue and pain than I have on previous hikes. I figure that between the elevation gain along the path I was walking in addition to the staircase laps I got in a total elevation of ~2500 ft… not bad for the city! Planning on more traditional training for the rest of the week (running, yoga) and then Sunday I’m going up to the White Mountains to tackle a real mountain for the day.


Longest urban hike to date


I have bruises on top of bruises on top of sore muscles I didn’t know I had… Yesterday I went for my longest urban hike yet- 9 miles with a 35 lb pack. I was feeling great until the last 2 miles, which were a struggle. I managed to get in 600ft elevation gain, which isn’t anything compared to a mountain but is decent for a flat city. Assuming my bruises have healed a little, tomorrow I plan on going much shorter distance but all incline and a slightly lighter pack (to give my poor bruises hips a break!). Aiming for 2k elevation climb on stairs in the city.